KSV is happy to announce the start of the new volleyball season 2024/2025!

On this page you will find out when and where the try-outs take place and how they will be carried out. The try-outs will start on August 12th 2024!

Anyone is welcome to come and try training with the different teams to find out which one fits better for them. In the first few weeks, we will use the practices to assess the level of the players and assign them to the different teams. You can find detailed information about when and where we have the try-out for the various teams here. Be aware that the schedules and locations for the try-out are not the same as the schedule and locations for the rest of the season.


KSV is a popular volleyball club, well known for its high sporting ambitions, strong social club environment and high number of members from all over the world. All our practices are in english and everybody is welcome to join (no need to be a student to start playing with us!)

In KSV you have the opportunity to play lots of volley, no matter if you’ve never played before or if you’re looking for a club to challenge yourself and further develop your skills.

We focus on creating a strong social community, within each team and among the club. Every year we organize several club events, where you have the chance to meet and get to know your clubmates. 

For example, we participate in the alternative stævner, arrange our own tournament  ‘Danske Studenter Mesterskaber’ (DSM), brew our own homemade honey schnapps for our julefrokost (Christmas dinner) and play beach volley in the summer.

KSV fun facts

games won out of 100 last season

Worth to know about KSV

Is KSV a club for me?

KSV is a club both for those who are new in the volleyball world but also for those who have been playing for years. We have high sporting ambitions and a very international club environment with players from all over the world. Therefore, our trainings are most often in English.

What does it cost?

To be a KSV member for a whole season, it costs between DKK 1.150-3.000. The price depends on which team you play for, as well as whether you are a student (of course we provide a student discount!). Most teams practice twice a week, and a few once a week (click the icon to know more about our teams)

Which teams can I play for?

We are proud of having 12 teams in total: 5 women's teams, 3 men's teams and 4 mix teams. We offer practices on different levels: from the start of your volleyball career to nearly elite level. In KSV there’s always a team that suits you!

If you're considering joining KSV, please contact us:

KSV is much more than just good volley

Community and events

We care about having a good club spirit and doing a lot for the community of the club. That's why we have several events throughout the season: we organize epic julefrokost (Christmas dinners), barbecue parties at the beach volley courts and we have nothing less than our very own winning song. We also host small volleyball courses, such as referee courses or coach courses.

DSM - Danske Studenter Mesterskaber

Danske Studenter Mesterskaber - in daily speech DSM - is our annual tournament, during which we organize an entire weekend filled with fantastic volleyball. You just need to sign up, we will make sure that there is high intensity, good atmosphere and a spectacular DSM party on Saturday. DSM is usually held in April/May. You can read more about DSM here.

Summer beachvolley

During the summer season (May-August) we book beach volleyball courts in Ryparken, so you can stay in shape throughout the summer and try to play volleyball with your feet in the warm sand. The price for playing beach volley is not included in the membership fee, but it is shared among those interested in playing beach volley. So get ready for sunglasses, sunscreen and summer evenings!

dsm 2024 - Looking forward to seeing you!

More info will come later

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Stay updated - how?

We use different platforms to keep our members informed about what’s happening at the club.

Here you will get a brief overview of our favorite communication channels.

Holdsport is the mecca of planning – this is where we keep track of practices, matches, tasks as well as other events and activities in the club. You can sign up for the practices that your coach has set up, view your team, get reminders about training and emails from your coach – in short, this is where you can see everything that happens in the club.

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The Facebook page is our official digital business card. Here you can read about the club and see what public activities the club organizes.

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Our common communication playground, only for KSV members – both current and past. Here there is room to celebrate our victories, or to ask who has forgotten their water bottle in the hall after training. You can find a lot of pictures from matches and events, as well as manuals for secretary tasks. Our group is a sanctuary for all members, here we can share things with each other. Most teams also create their own Facebook group where they can post about internal, team-specific topics.

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For special events or important information. Occasionally, when we have a very important communication that everybody needs to receive and read, we use the old good emails. For example, it could be an email about a general assembly or a welcome email to introduce new members. Don’t worry, we don’t spam you! We always make sure that everything is relevant for you, and of course we abide by GDPR.

Meet the board

KSV is a voluntary, non-profit association run by our board.
You are always welcome to contact the board if you have any questions or other inqueries. You can write to and we will reply to you as soon as possible.



Plays in Mix1

From Denmark
Tech manager

Vice chairperson


Plays in H1

From Denmark
Federations contact and communications manger



Coach for D1

From Italy
Duties manager



Plays in D3

From Greece
Project and beachvolley manager



Plays in D1

From Hungary
Communications manager



Coach for D1

From Italy
Sports manager



Plays in Mix1

From Argentina
Warehouse and duties manager



Plays in Mix1

From Italy
Communications manager



Plays in H2

From Spain
Event and duties manager



Plays in H1

From Estonia
Procurement manager